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Vikashni cares greatly about quality and services.Our Artists care about the uniqueness of our style, the quality of our touch and services.We offer our honest opinions and professional advices. We are friendly, proactive, and tentative to each bride’s needs.We accompany our brides along the unforgettable journey from choosing the jewellry till the perfect big day.

Qualified and well versed in various beauty treatments and therapies from various institutions and parlours all over India and abroad has enabled Mrs. Lakshmi Manohar to start her own training institute too. The Academy of Beauty Therapy has seen many bright students take up the course and move forward in life. In three decades, more than twenty thousand students have passed out of the institution.We offer certified courses on beauty and hair care. There are the basic courses that deal with a whole range of beauty therapies and hair dressing. The duration of the course is upto 3 months. For more advanced courses one needs to spend about 6 months in training. Crash courses too are provided for people who are interested in rekindling their knowledge. The students undergo both theory and practical lessons making them completely hands on to handle the customers from day one.